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niedziela, 02 grudnia 2012

I got bored with Mr. Acquired Art. The same old song all the time.

Can't be bothered any more.

Looks like it has taken more time than it should. I really don't like
cheating on ppl. Even though I am not related to them. It is just this
kind of moral voice that tells you that you are crossing a line.

so I don't want to cross any more.

Edi next week. Bailongo.

Still working on ElCorte event.

Need some help from Universe I guess..

środa, 07 listopada 2012

Kiev. Lectures done.

I discovered ???? in Globus Gallery.

and also some beautiful coat by GFF, which I can't afford. shit.
środa, 31 października 2012
it is really strange how my life rolls now.
I am in Firienze. Going for tango tonight.
so far it is the best holiday this year
it is like this dream I do not want to wake up from
why? for the reason the the wake up might be hard. and painful. I am playing with fire.
again. I love Italy and I have to implement Italian language module in my head
I will be speaking this language.
coming back to Waw tomorrow. Pity I am not staying longer...
czwartek, 25 października 2012
to make long story short... I dance. I go to Italy on Monday. And this is not business related. I am in love with a Scottish guy. I travel like hell again. This year I've seen so many places that I can't believe it happened. And I discovered Italy. Now I am trying to figure out how to learn Italian till Monday..
piątek, 17 sierpnia 2012
the experience that should not happen so I am in a countryside. with five other people. with a feeling I want to remember forever. and if I wish to repeat such event I shall say no before I ever thought about it. my po number has gone expired so I am left without money for another week or so. great. and it came out everybody knew about it but not me. plus nobody told me. how nice. I wish the next Friday will be much more cheerful and acceptable. it is my birthday for the God sake!
wtorek, 12 czerwca 2012
after the last disaster my heart is open again. I cannot say I am not afraid but I am less afraid than yesterday. so it goes like this: I am drinking cognac and my heart is open again.
środa, 09 maja 2012
An important dream. Ok, I was asking for something, you know how it is like with Xmas wishes, not all come true. Therefore this time...everything got exactly as I wished. And this is terrifying. I was asking for a new beginning but to be honest the intentions were not entirely fair. So the intentions made the difference. Replacement never works. Now I feel as if I had a big hole in my heart. ...and looking at this more closely...I am the author of this situation. Would I benefit from it? I am in Arizona. Far enough to forget. Well, the real forgetting will start on the 18th in London. I only hope I will survive the flights. The new venue of Photographers gallery is being opened on the 18th. So on the 19th I am going to go there (after I sleep). Maybe I will take Tiger with me. For sure we are going for some nice walk probably to Hyde Park and...Harrods... Mad Maxx I will do on my own. I am looking forward to Friday. Milonga in Phoenix.
niedziela, 26 lutego 2012

it's time to believe in Santa. he gave me what I wanted.

I've asked and I've been given.

should I become a pilgrim to thank for the happiness?

it's not only a detox that worked, it's filling me with pure endless love as well.

no mourning and being miserable any more.

tango twice a week

or even more frequent

poniedziałek, 06 lutego 2012

left out.

I'm in Frankfurt. I can see river Main from my window.

I had a great weekend but..I guess it is only amongst my memories now...

I wish my mailbox showed some traffic. I'm listening to Kate Bush. Again.

niedziela, 22 stycznia 2012

Keeping NY resolution, so far so good.

It is a bit ..let’s say disturbing…but I’m going to stick with it.

Tango is going well, I’d say much better than work.

…and that ..that is seriously bad… well…workwise.

I’m scared.



wtorek, 10 stycznia 2012

' and what, what if you got home and you had a bad day at work, everything is wrong and you want a hug, what, what than?'
'I have a teddy.'

Yes, it is simple as that.


But also I have an idea, well maybe not the only one idea for 2012, but tomorrow...tomorrow I'm going to make this idea real.

I only hope I'm not wrong.


niedziela, 01 stycznia 2012

So I finally figured it out. This is just an addiction. I need a detox. It is as simple as that. So, from the 3rd of Jan I’m starting detox. If I could only reach the milestones I would be almighty.



środa, 28 grudnia 2011

Look before you leap as an old proverb says.
These three years thought me one thing. Never trust people. There is always a chance you would be hurt. If one will have a chance to abuse you, it will. A margin of disbelief always pays off.


At some point I started to think what I’m doing wrong. Still this is in progress, I cannot figure it out. It used to be that I got sth in return but now I just feel I give myself away.  It looks I give away too much.

I remember I was wondering how I am going to  withstand this trip. I applied all of Eleni’s  recipes for not to lose my dignity and benefit from the situation somehow. Anyway. Am I the winner in this?



sobota, 24 grudnia 2011
tomorrow I will wake up alone, this is going to be the first Xmas Eve for two years that I will wake up alone. And this time I feel it is the right thing. Strange but right.
I'm happier on my own.

środa, 07 grudnia 2011

To Santa:

I should have started here all of material things I wished to get but…anything I could wish for Xmas is not material.

Strange. Or.. rather not. All of the material things I can buy myself sooner or later but…I wish that Santa gave me the strength. The strength not to undergo delusions, to be strong enough to tell a true affection apart when I see it. I hope I will see it. I wish that Santa brings me a new beginning.



And maybe a nice hi-fi sys (with a white gramophone)…

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